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Building the cities of tomorrow

Our goal is to improve the lives of city dwellers by creating green roofs and filling cities with oxygen, while at the same time we want to improve their microclimate and upgrade them aesthetically.

Who we are

It all started in 2018 when Iria, founder of Nature Above, was living in Edinburgh. There she came into contact with the planted roofs and decided to explore what is happening in Greece in this particular field through her research for the University of Edinburgh. Then he decided to return to Greece and bring new life and innovation to the way in which green roofs were constructed until that moment.

The company's core value is the transformation of the lives of those who use the respective building, as well as energy savings, with the main result being the strengthening of sustainability and tackling climate change.


Our vision and the our values, they govern all the projects we undertake and the way we operate as a company. We have as a principle consistency - delivery of projects within certain time periods - and excellence in everything we undertake - insistence on detail.

Our aim is to become a leader in the construction of green roofs in South East Europe in the next 5 years and to be helpful in the effort made to achieve the targets to improve the carbon footprint.


A to Z Approach: More than a design studio,

more than a green roof company

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